Prayer Ministry

People asking for God’s help and for guidance in life and faith, and doing this in an earnest and committed way, is an apt description of our Prayer Ministry.  The purpose of this ministry is to discern God’s will for this church,  to seek God’s touch for the people of this church and the world, and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to accomplish their objectives.  We have space in the Sunday worship bulletin for those in special need of prayer, a box for confidential prayer requests and midweek Prayer Services on Wednesday night.   This ministry’s hope is to see prayer firmly established, in all of its possibilities, as the backbone of this church’s life and mission.

Contact Karen Sheldon at 978-501-6491 or if you would like to have your loved one(s) added to SOV prayer list.


The Prayer Shawl Ministry seeks to reach out and comfort those in need, and also rejoices in thanks for many of Christ’s blessing on his people.  The group meets monthly to knit and crochet shawls and blankets for those in the congregation and the greater community, as an outreach of support, love and prayer for a certain individual.  The shawls are knit or crocheted in groups of three, a very significant number to Christians.  Prayers are offered by the group during the creating of the cover, and also at its completion before being given as a gift.  The message is to bring peace, His comfort, and healing presence, or thanks to that person.

For more information on the ministry, contact Linda Prince at