Simply Giving Program

Shepherd of the Valley Simply Giving Program through Thrivent Financial Bank

The Simply Giving web page allows SOV members to submit their pledged and other gifts to the church via Electronics Funds Transfer (EFT). These gifts can be set up as one-time or automatic (weekly/biweekly/monthly/semi-monthly) withdrawals from the member’s bank account, and deposited into the church’s checking or building fund accounts. The advantage to this system is that members no longer need to write checks to the church and counters have fewer checks to handle on Sundays.

To get started, click the Give Now button at the bottom of the SOV web page. Then, at the Simply Giving web site, click the Create Your Online Profile button to set up your account. On subsequent visits, just enter your User ID (email address) and password. The funds are:

    • Pledged Giving – Giving that was pledged by the member is for the church’s operating budget.
    • Other Identified – Giving for the church’s operating budget.
    • Designated Giving, Youth – One time giving, such as Benevolence or Youth Mission Trips. Please specify the gift designation
    • Building Fund – Donations to the Capital Campaign.

You can submit multiple donations during the same session:

  • To submit donations with the same frequency, just enter the separate amounts and select the frequency.
  • To submit donations with different frequencies (for example, a monthly amount for the operating budget and a quarterly amount for the Building Fund), set up one donation, click the Summary tab, and then click Add Transaction.

Other pages on the site include:

  • Summary – Lists all your transfers and lets you start a new transaction.
  • Profile – Allows you to edit your account information.

Click Return to our Home Page to go back to the SOV home page, or click Log Off to log out of the Simply Giving web site. Note: Going directly to the SOV home page does not log you out of the Simply Giving web site.