Maundy Thursday Celebration at SOV

Maundy Thursday Celebration
March 28th at 6:00pm

 The Seder is the Jewish Passover meal that Jesus celebrated with his disciples in the upper room on the day that we Christians now call Maundy Thursday. Since 1993, we at Shepherd of the Valley have begun our Maundy Thursday observance by telling the story of the Jewish exodus and deliverance from slavery in Egypt. We follow a Haggadah, a narrative which combines the traditional ritual of the Seder with a focus on modern day examples of enslavement and freedom. Continue reading Maundy Thursday Celebration at SOV

Worship Ministry News (November 2012)

Worship Ministry News

Four of our youth have Affirmed their Baptism on October 28.  The Rite included a ceremonial passing of the Word of God from the oldest generation on down to the youth themselves.  It also included a special sharing from the youth about their personal connection with God and a “Thank You” to those who have inspired them on their journey.  Quite emotional! Continue reading Worship Ministry News (November 2012)