From Our Pastor

Pastor- Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church- Worship Groton, MA

Dear Friends in Christ,

In his second volume, the evangelist Luke has Peter proclaim in his discourse to the Jerusalem leadership that had him and John arrested for speaking about Jesus that: “This Jesus is ‘the stone that was rejected by you, the builders; it has become the cornerstone’” (Acts 4:11). What a bold statement uttered at such a critical moment in Peter and John’s life. No decent builder would discard and throw away such a precious and fundamental piece of masonry. A half-way decent builder would recognize the value of what he had in his hands. Peter was actually calling them incompetent and negligent.

Peter and John were in prison when Peter spoke those words, a very precarious and vulnerable place to speak boldly and yet they did not fear for their lives. Obviously, we can safely assume John went along with Peter’s statement and did not look surprised or scared at hearing that. One who has experienced the saving power of Jesus will not be surprised at such statement. How could we? We worship a life-giving God capable of creating out of nothing for the simple purpose of engaging intimately with us and creating a relationship meant to be eternal.

Our relationships with one another are a reflection of that divine relationship. Relationships are based on true hospitality, that is, the commitment to honor differences and integrate one another’s abilities into the life of the community. In other words, all are welcome in the kingdom of God and around God’s table.

Some questions remain: Are we extending Christian hospitality to all people, near and far? Are we building community for the purpose of sharing the abundant life of God with all? Are we accepting all, blessing all, learning from all?

We have a precious stone on which to build community. It would not be honorable to let it go to waste by discarding it. Let us build on Christ, our true foundation.

Yours in Christ,

Pr. Giuseppe