A Slice of Infinity – Akolutos

My high school band director was adamant about many things, but none so much as what he called the obligatory rule of good musicianship. That is, the two most important notes in any musical composition are the first and the last. “The audience might forgive you for a bad note that comes in the middle,” he would say, “but they will forget neither your very first impression nor your final remark.” Continue reading A Slice of Infinity – Akolutos

SOV – Spring Clean Up – Camp Calumet

Spring Clean Up Weekend at Camp Calumet

Hi Everybody,

Why go to Camp Calumet for Spring Clean Up Weekend?

• The price is right – only sweat labor, no monetary cost
• The food is abundant and great and they serve snacks and really cold lemonade while you work
• It’s a great mini mission trip with practice in team work and just work in general
• You can make new friends and acquaintances who also love Calumet
• There’s pool, ping pong and, of course, Bananagrams when you’re not working
• It’s an SOV tradition – look for past years’ crews in picture collages around the lodge
• When else will you get the opportunity to CARRY a motor boat Continue reading SOV – Spring Clean Up – Camp Calumet