SOV-Youth Mission Trips-2014

July – Youth Mission TripS Remembrances

SOV - Youth Ministry - 2014Sunday evening, September 28th, the youth gathered to celebrate serving in Scranton and Philadelphia this past summer. Following are selected remembrances from the Jr. High (Philadelphia) and Sr. High (Scranton) trips:

Awesome. Moving. The best trip ever. So hard to say goodbye. I have grown so much. Our goal was to give as much love as possible. I can’t wait for next year.

The theme of the middle school mission trip was “Collide”: Kaitlyn wrote that it was talking to a homeless woman in the subway area that my worlds’ collided; when I realized that the very same people that I might have shied away from in any other situation, could be the most wonderful and interesting people.

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Prayer – why, what and how to pray

SOV – Adult Discipleship Class  – fall 2014

“You pray for your own needs and for the needs of others. You pray in the face of conflict, and you pray for forgiveness. You pray to pour out your heart to God SOV - Adult Discipleship Class - Prayerand to gain a glimpse of God’s heart for you. As David Healey leads you through the prayers of men and women in the Bible (Mary, Abraham, Moses, Daniel and more!), you will gain new insights into why, what and how to pray. And you will experience more fully the adventure that prayer can be.”




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